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How Essential Is Biotin to Our Body?


Vitamin B7, also known as biotin, is a water-soluble B vitamin essential for energy and digestion. Nowadays, biotin can be taken through vitamin supplements, aside from the food that we eat. This nutrient is necessary for an aging person. As we get older, the more we will have difficulty digesting and producing more energy.

As a home care services provider, we believe that it is significant to introduce our clients to this type of nutrient. That is why as we plan for their meals, we include vitamin D-enriched food.

Being a home health care services provider, we understand the importance of biotin as it can:

  • aid in better digestion and nutrient absorption
  • give healthy hair, nails, and skin
  • help manage type 2 diabetes
  • boost thyroid health
  • support the nervous system

We understand that seniors and individuals with special needs require to maintain good health. The factors above are also necessary for them to keep a better health condition. Thus, our home care in Gardena, California will watch out for the following signs that indicate a client is biotin deficient.

  • has dry, itchy, and red skin
  • brittle hair and experiences too much hair loss
  • low energy levels and frequent fatigue
  • has digestive problems and nerve damage
  • muscular and joint pains

Indeed, biotin is essential to maintain a senior’s health. An elderly will have a hard time making up for the necessities to maintain better health. That is why Mirus Home Care LLC is here to assist.

We offer home care and hospice care in California. Our agency has a team of professionals who aims to provide proper support, which all of our clients deserve.

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