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The Ugly Truth About Medication Non-Adherence


Medication non-adherence is a prevailing problem among many patients across different countries. In the United States alone, around 30-50% of adults fail to adhere to their medications, leading to billions of dollars of preventable healthcare costs. For years of providing home care services, we have witnessed several individuals overlooking their medication routines for various reasons.

At Mirus Home Care LLC, a provider of home care in Gardena, California, we’ll provide some insights into what causes medication non-adherence.

  • Fear of Side Effects
    Some patients may have witnessed side effects from their friends or family members ? injecting fear into themselves. But the truth is medication side effects vary from person to person. A few people may have side effects, but that doesn’t mean you will too.
  • Lack of Education
    In some cases, medication non-adherence results from a misunderstanding of what the meds are for or how they treat certain conditions. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from your pharmacist or doctor if you have any questions regarding your medications.
  • High Cost
    A practical reason, many patients miss out on their medications due to a lack of finances. It’s better to ask your doctor if the prescribed medicines are covered by insurance. You can also purchase your medications from a discount list in your pharmacy.
  • Multiple Medications
    As a home health care services provider, our job is to assist individuals with multiple medications in taking their meds on time using reminders, pillboxes, and other methods.

Maximize the benefits of your doctor’s prescriptions. Allow us to help you adhere to your medication intake schedules with our comprehensive personal, respite, and hospice care in California. Reach us at your convenience for details!

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