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Ways to Keep the Day Fun for the Elderly With Limited Mobility


Elders who have mobility problems don’t have to just sit all day with nothing to do. Home care in Gardena, California is not just about assisting in light housekeeping and meal planning. Caregivers also have the job of making sure their charges are enjoying their day as much as possible.

If you’re providing home care services, you should always think about making the day enjoyable for your client. The elderly want to have fun as much as younger people do, after all. Here are a few activities that you can introduce to make your elder’s day fresh and not dull.

  • Introduce Art
    Letting your elder take on artistic tasks is very therapeutic. Studies have shown that art is good at helping a person release pent-up tension and emotions in a very productive manner. Be creative! There are many ways that you can use art to enliven the day for your elderly client. Seeking these means out also helps you exercise your creativity.
  • Take Afternoon Walks
    Home health care services always recommend walking every day or every other day for at least half an hour. Exercise does not only work out the muscles and bones. They also help the elderly person take their mind off whatever concerns are bothering them on that particular day.

    Walks also expose them to sunlight, which helps regulate melatonin and serotonin levels. A good balance of these two chemicals improves the quality of sleep your elder enjoys. In turn, sleep also improves health and mood.

If you need help with home care or hospice care in California, we at Mirus Home Care LLC will be more than happy to assist you.

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